The 2019 vintage of our Lawrence Vineyard Roussanne kicks off with all the tropical fruits: kiwi, grapefruit, papaya, and lemon - followed by a few super juicy green table grapes and just a touch of Werther’s Originals. Once you acclimate to the initial fruit, there is a touch of strawberry cheesecake and the most subtle touch of lilac.


There is more papaya in the mouth along with honeydew, tangerine, what I think is rhubarb, some rose water and a little drop of agave nectar.

Growing Conditions

- Lawrence Vineyard



Food Pairing

All of these fresh flavors are so fun to pair with food, but this wine also maintains the rich mouthfeel Roussannes are known for, making it even more versatile. It is up to the old standard pairing of a roasted chicken with thyme and garlic, or peel & eat prawns with an extra horseradishy cocktail sauce. Or try it with salmon lox, hollandaise, fresh steamed artichokes, paella with allll the fixings… I could go on!