Understand Walla Walla Valley terroir. Take a deeper look into how regional climate, soils, and winemaking traditions affect Walla Walla Valley wine.

Terroir relates to three aspects that affect how wine tastes.

Terroir ("tear-wah") is a French word and a bit fuzzy to translate in the English language. So, we've broken it down into three aspects of a wine region that ultimately influence what's in your glass.


Characterized as a warm, arid, and continental climate with an average seasonal temperature of 63.5 °F (17.5 °C) and 15 inches (381 mm) of annual rainfall.

Terrain & Soils

Wines are noticeably different from the 2 major soil types in Walla Walla Valley including wines from areas with strong basalt volcanic rock influence.


Winemaking in the Walla Walla Valley follows traditional methods to make highly consistent wines. Lets explore how wines are made from the winemakers themselves.