The perfumy characteristics of this wine are immediately noticeable. Pretty notes of ripe blackberry, raspberry and plum bring out an expressive fruit element on the bouquet. Cigar box and warm leather intensify the aroma.


This elegant Cabernet boasts sweet, red fruit in the mid-palate. Firm acid and integrated tannin build great structure in the mouthfeel.

Growing Conditions

This tasteful wine was crafted with grapes from three vineyards – Double River, Double Canyon and Gamache.


The floral and youthful Merlots from this particular vintage brought freshness and finesse to this Cabernet, and were blended together in the spring of 2016.


About 95% French Oak was used for barrel aging, and brought a subtle approach to this oak regime. The 5% American oak is responsible for the beautiful oak accents in this wine. 75% New.