The 2019 vintage of Prelude is well balanced all the way through, from acid to fruit. Striking aromatics of pears, honey suckle, lemon curd, minerals, and golden apples.


Each sip bursts with ripe nectarines, expressive wildflowers, and lively white pepper notes. This thirst-quenching white will only get better from here.

Growing Conditions

Gamache Vineyard sits up on the white bluffs overlooking Basin City with 180 acres of grapes. The highest elevation is 960 feet. Gamache soil is primarily Warden sandy loam, with a little Kennewick sandy loam. The spring migration of Sandhill Cranes led the Gamache brothers to discover that the vineyard sits right under a thermal which is an upward current of warm air used by birds to gain height. When the cranes come through, they play around in the air just above the vines. A fun sight to see.

• Waterstone Vineyard was planted in 2016. The vineyard totals 5.4 acres of Syrah, Cabernet Franc, and Viognier. The soils are cobble mixed with wind-blown silt and loam. Located right in the heart of ‘The Rocks District’ of Milton-Freewater. A fan trained vine site with beautiful fruit, 2018 is third leaf fruit in which we are pleasantly surprised with the quality of the first fruit to come off this vineyard. We’re looking forward to working with this vineyard as it develops.






“Two new vineyards. Our new Waterstone Estate for the Viognier and Gamache Vineyard for the Roussanne. It’s mineral driven, aromatically expressive, crisp and refreshing. A rich mouthfeel with a solid backbone of acid. It hits the mark for a summer sipper or paired with any fresh and seasonal cuisine.” - Jamie Brown, Winemaker