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6 Wines from 5 Grape Varieties

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Otis Kenyon Wine Tempranillo Bottle Preview
Otis Kenyon WineTempranillo

My love affair with Washington Tempranillo started with a bottle of 2002 Impulsivo, Cayuse’s lovely version of the varietal from “the stones”. I began to push for us to make it right then and there. It took over a decade, but I finally got my wish. This is our second vintage, and I am still over the moon.

Otis Kenyon Wine Syrah Stellar Vineyard Bottle Preview
Otis Kenyon WineSyrah Stellar Vineyard

Our estate Stellar Vineyard always provides us with such food-friendly Syrah fruit. Plenty of acid, balanced tannins, and plump red fruits to keep it all in check.

Otis Kenyon Wine Matchless Red Wine Bottle Preview
Otis Kenyon WineMatchless Red Wine

Matchless has always been our easy drinker, our porch pounder, our little black dress (LBD) if you will. Enough structure to hold up to your backyard BBQ, but it can also just hang out in the hammock with you. Well, the 2017 vintage is all that, and more. Way more.

Otis Kenyon Wine Merlot Bottle Preview
Otis Kenyon WineMerlot

The 2016 vintage is a bit brighter and with slightly more tannin than past Otis Kenyon Merlots, but a touch of strawberry and cola make sure it still has that velvet-smooth mouthfeel we all love.

Otis Kenyon Wine Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Otis Kenyon WineCabernet Sauvignon

Otis Kenyon Wine Roussanne Bottle Preview
Otis Kenyon WineRoussanne