September 26th, 2022 at 22.7 Brix, 3.38 pH,
and 7 g/L of titratable acidity. 100% Wente clone Chardonnay, Eritage Vineyard, block 16. All stainless steel fermentation and aging.


This stainless steel Chardonnay showcases
the natural characteristics of the varietal without the intervening
presence of oak or malolactic fermentation. It opens with pear,
yellow apple, lime, and fresh linen on the nose followed by green
apple, pear, and green pineapple on the palate. The wine’s bright
acidity carries through to the finish with a touch of minerality from
the Palouse loess soil in which the grapes were grown. 100%
Wente clone. Drink now through 2035.


The goal for this wine is to make a Chablis style
Chardonnay: high acid, stainless steel Chardonnay from a vineyard
in the Walla Walla Valley. With the cool start to the 2022 vintage,
the grapes were our first pick of the year toward the end of
September. We typically want to pick it around 22 Brix, and we got
it pretty close with bright acidity. Harvested on September 26th, the
grapes were whole cluster pressed with the use of enzymes for
settling and juice extraction and an ascorbic acid, SO2, and tannin
blend to control oxygen contact. The wine was fermented with
QA23 yeast in a stainless steel tank at 56 degrees until completely
dry. Total time: 26 days in fermentation. After fermentation was
complete, SO2 was added to stop ML from occurring. The wine was
protein stabilized with bentonite, cold stabilized, crossflow filtered,
and then prepared for bottling on January 26th, 2023.