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Founded in 2005, Gramercy Cellars is the realization of Greg and Pam Harrington's dream to make fine wine in a special place - Walla Walla.

Prior to founding Gramercy Cellars, Greg spent what seemed like a lifetime as a sommelier and wine program director for top chefs such as Joyce Goldstein, Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck. Since becoming the youngest American to pass the Master Sommelier Exam at the age of 26, Greg has been passionate about someday making his own wine. His Washington odyssey began in the Spring of 2004, at a backyard picnic in Brooklyn, hosted by the Walla Walla Wine Alliance. There, Greg and Pam tasted wines that surprised them. They were very different from what they had come to expect from American wines. These were wines that displayed earthy characteristics and balance. A marathon tasting trip in Walla Walla later that spring (and Pam's discovery of the term "palate fatigue") convinced them that Walla Walla was in their future. First, this meant "when they retire." That quickly became "5 years from now." Meanwhile, Greg worked harvest in 2004 in Walla Walla and was more convinced than ever that Walla Walla was the place in the United States to make the wines he loves. Soon thereafter, Pam gave him the green light to leave his restaurant industry job to seize the opportunity to finally follow his dreams full time, resulting in Gramercy's first harvest in 2005. In 2006, Greg and Pam moved to Washington to establish and build the legacy of great Washington wine at Gramercy Cellars.
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Established in 2005

635 N 13th Ave
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Gramercy Cellars"The Third Man" Grenache

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The 2019 Viognier reminded me of my first trip to the Rhône Valley. I've explained this story before, but I somehow managed to secure an appointment at Rostaing, my absolute model for Syrah anywhere. As Rene Rostaing led us through the tasting of his incredible Syrahs, not that I heard anything he actually said as I was completely starstruck, he completed the tasting with the estate's most recent Condrieu - La Bonette. This is a true unicorn wine - impossible to source. I've only had it a few times. But for me, it's the epitome of Viognier, falling somewhere between the aromatics of a great dry Riesling (no petrol) and the complexities of a restrained white Burgundy. Now, we aren't making anything close to that; our vineyard will need another 50 years or so of maturity. But as I sniffed the wine, memories of that tasting popped into my head. The 2019 Viognier is a step up - fresh with fruit, but a bit more deliberate - it shows its place with mineral and stone. There are exotic spice and floral components that I only find in serious Viognier. It is still perfect for the beach or boat, but it may be more suited to the Cote d'Azur or a 100 ft yacht to be fully appreciated. Tasting Notes: Meyer lemon, honeydew, cantaloupe, peach, cream, some green herb - tarragon, wet rock, saline, mineral. Medium acid, showing some baby fat richness. A slight bitterness, consistent with great examples of the variety. More tree fruit on the palate - bosc pear, yellow apple. Richer, riper than 2018. Leans more towards white burg than Viognier right now. Full finish.