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Dusted Valley The Curveball Pét-Nat Pinot Noir Bottle Preview
Dusted ValleyThe Curveball Pét-Nat Pinot Noir

Pétillant Naturel, or as the cool kids call it, Pét-Nat for short. It’s the ultimate in Lo-Fi winemaking and is the oldest tradition of making bubbles called the Ancestral Method. Pétillant Naturel translates quite literally to “slightly bubbly” and “low intervention” making it a perfect candidate for natural winemaking. It can be made from any grape, but we chose our friend’s Walla Walla Valley Breezy Slope Pinot Noir. Actively fermenting wine is bottled and capped and left to finish fermenting in the bottle. Therefore all the Carbon Dioxide gas produced while finishing fermentation is captured in the finished wine along with a little sediment. This also adds to the charm of the individual bottles varying slightly in the amount of bubbles produced = unpredictable pleasure! Place in your refrigerator cap up, and chill before drinking.