Honeysuckle, hibiscus, white peach, linden tree blossom.


Honeydew melon, papaya, soft herbal notes with a silky texture, and beautiful acidity.

Growing Conditions

The growing season began with a mild and dry winter. An abundance of high winds and precipitations in the spring prompted a record year for local crops and early bloom in the beginning of June. We only saw a few days over 100 degrees throughout the entire summer, giving the grapes plenty of comfortable hang time all the way through early fall. We were fortunate that the smoke from the California and Oregon wildfires was only detected in one or two varietals and was not significant enough to influence our winemaking styles in any way. Overall, the season was idyllic and produced well-balanced, complex wines with beautiful acidity and richness.

Food Pairing

Pair with foie gras, prawns, poached chicken, sheep or goat cheese.