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7 Wines from 6 Grape Varieties

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Vital Wines Rose Bottle Preview
Vital WinesRose

Vital Wines Gratitude Bottle Preview
Vital WinesGratitude

Bursting with florals-lilac, lavender, orange blossoms, wisteria, and violets trail into blueberries, lemon, and leather. Melons, cocoa powder round out the finish to this fascinating wine. Drink now or save for later- both are great choices. Show your gratitude for someone you care about with a bottle of Vital's 2018 Gratitude blend.

Vital Wines Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Vital WinesCabernet Sauvignon

Savory mushroom meets saddle leather, toasted sage and lavender, campfire smoke, and orange peel. this bright blue-purple wine heads into dried blueberry and black pepper powder. A beautiful, dusty cab, reminiscent of all of the things we love about the desert...and wine. Enjoy both this fall. Paired with braised short rib and roasted parsnips.

Vital Wines Eritage Syrah Bottle Preview
Vital WinesEritage Syrah

Blackberries. Whether it's freshly picked, in pie, or every iteration in between...blackberries. White pepper, dried lavender, and sage with a hint of eucalyptus and raspberries.

Vital Wines French Creek Chardonnay Bottle Preview
Vital WinesFrench Creek Chardonnay

A huge mineral pop greets the front palate, while lemon, lime, toast, and butter comprise the nose. Our oakiest Chardonnay in the portfolio. The midpalate brings starfruit and clean linen, with a lasting creamy finish.

Vital Wines Merlot Bottle Preview
Vital WinesMerlot

Vital Wines The Given Bottle Preview
Vital WinesThe Given

A meaty start with a burst of white pepper on the nose. A big tannin grip on the midpalate leads into swiss miss cocoa rolling off to a cigar leaf finish on this beautifully balanced intricate blend.