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15 Wines from 11 Grape Varieties

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TruthTeller Winery The Miscreant Project Taunt Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryThe Miscreant Project Taunt

Affirmation # 16: Pink is an attitude!

TruthTeller Winery Frolic Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryFrolic

Light-hearted, but purposeful. A little Frolic is good for the soul. Our best family gathering memories are of those unplanned, but wonderfully silly, joyful moments. Choose your own purpose.

TruthTeller Winery Quip Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryQuip

A “quip” is one of the three principle forms of “wit,” which is considered the intelligent form of humor. Specifically, a quip is a smart, sarcastic turn of phrase or jest. Always smart, a little sassy. Describes this rosé perfectly. Come on, get your sass on!

TruthTeller Winery Pun Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryPun

In our family, puns are truly serious fun. The challenge, if you’re up for it, is to have an entire conversation in puns. The first one to run out of clever puns loses!

TruthTeller Winery The Miscreant Project Pun Intended Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryThe Miscreant Project Pun Intended

Affirmation #25: Always intend your puns.

TruthTeller Winery The Clever Fool Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryThe Clever Fool

Jesters were known as Fools and had to be clever to keep their heads. But remember, “fool” is also a verb – to “trick”. A façade of foolishness can be a clever ploy. Is there a clever trick at work here? This 100% Cab Franc presents itself directly to you, not in the background of a supporting role. (Then again, check out the initials of Clever Fool and Cabernet Franc. A clever ploy.)

TruthTeller Winery The Miscreant Project GobSMack'd Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryThe Miscreant Project GobSMack'd

Miscreant Affirmation: #32 Aim to amaze. Leave 'em gobsmack'd.

TruthTeller Winery The Miscreant Project White Lie Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryThe Miscreant Project White Lie

Affirmation #08: Only lie about lying.

TruthTeller Winery Retort Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryRetort

We love words and language. As TruthTellers to kings, jesters relied on clever witty words and phrases to speak their truths. Here’s our latest favorite: a “retort” is a quick and wittily incisive answer to a remark. So, when folks remark “Petit Verdot is really just a blending wine,” we say “this is our Retort!”

TruthTeller Winery The Miscreant Project Boldfaced Lie Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryThe Miscreant Project Boldfaced Lie

Affirmation #03: "Bold" is our second favorite 4 letter word.

TruthTeller Winery The Madman Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryThe Madman

By pretending to be a bit, well, mad, a jester could tell truth to power with even greater impunity. Perhaps we all need to go a little mad sometimes.

TruthTeller Winery The Confidante Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryThe Confidante

Jesters were often the ones who heard the most secret truths of the king. Friends and advisors are one thing. But the word “confidante” inspires a sense of powerfulness, cloaked in darkness, and a mysterious air. Step into the inner circle and say hello to The Confidante.

TruthTeller Winery Wisdom Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryWisdom

In our family, we prefer our wit heavily salted with wisdom – or is it the other way around? Great humorist offer us wisdom. Kings relied on jesters to deliver them truth and wisdom while making them laugh. Our Wisdom is a Red Mountain red blend – we’re feeling wiser already.

TruthTeller Winery Satire Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WinerySatire

Satire is the essence of truth through humor. True satire must be witty, while simultaneously offering a critique of social issues. Sometimes we’re more willing to think when we start out laughing first. We bet you can think of modern jesters who encourages you to think. Our Satire is a thought-provoking Yakima Valley red blend.

TruthTeller Winery The Cynic Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryThe Cynic

You might think “cynic” sounds negative and distrustful, but the original Greek philosophy calls for a rejection of false values and a life lived in harmony with nature. A love of humanity was believed to call for truth and some degree of impudence, rejecting social norms. Sounds like someone we know!