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A brief history

When we found out our Swiss last name means "village idiot" we did a dance, told a joke and decided it was time to start a winery.

When we learned the translation of our name may be closer to “jester” – historically an entertainer to the king who uses humor to tell the truth – we were even more delighted. We honor the concept of truth to power, and welcome everyone who shares our passion for laughter, stories, quirky humor, pleasurable conversation and discovering their own truth along the way.

Our family believes wine is an experience distinctively unique to the truth within each and every one of us. We all experience the flavors, the aromas and the memories in our own personal ways. From Woodinville to Walla Walla we invite you to laugh, share stories and discover your own wine truths with us.

The truth is between you and the wine.
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Established in 2014

47 E. Main St.
United States, Washington


Meet The Winemakers

  • Chris Loeliger


    After a career that spanned the Peace Corps, engineering roles in firms like Boeing and Hughes Defense, and residential real estate in Seattle, Chris found his passion in winemaking. Wine spoke to both his science mind and his desire to create things. He took classes at Northwest Wine Academy and did volunteer work for years with several wineries in the Woodinville area. After years of making his own homemade wines in the garage, he and his wife launched TruthTeller Winery in 2014.

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  • Keith Whisenhunt


    Keith, the older son of Chris and Dawn Loeliger, explored careers as diverse as music technology and finance. From his early 20’s, he loved homebrewing and winemaking and had always dreamed of working in the industry. When his parents decided to pursue their crazy winery dream, Keith worked with them as a volunteer on weekends as much as he could. He also took classes at Northwest Wine Academy. In 2017, he joined the TruthTeller team as a full-time winemaker and business partner. Chris and Keith both work on all wine production, but TruthTeller’s second label, The Miscreant Project, is where Keith stretches his wine design muscles and finds expression for his creative humor.

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TruthTeller Winery Wines

Featured Wines

TruthTeller Winery The Miscreant Project Boldfaced Lie Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryThe Miscreant Project Boldfaced Lie

Affirmation #03: "Bold" is our second favorite 4 letter word.

TruthTeller Winery The Madman Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryThe Madman

By pretending to be a bit, well, mad, a jester could tell truth to power with even greater impunity. Perhaps we all need to go a little mad sometimes.

TruthTeller Winery Wisdom Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryWisdom

In our family, we prefer our wit heavily salted with wisdom – or is it the other way around? Great humorist offer us wisdom. Kings relied on jesters to deliver them truth and wisdom while making them laugh. Our Wisdom is a Red Mountain red blend – we’re feeling wiser already.

TruthTeller Winery The Confidante Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryThe Confidante

Jesters were often the ones who heard the most secret truths of the king. Friends and advisors are one thing. But the word “confidante” inspires a sense of powerfulness, cloaked in darkness, and a mysterious air. Step into the inner circle and say hello to The Confidante.

TruthTeller Winery Satire Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WinerySatire

Satire is the essence of truth through humor. True satire must be witty, while simultaneously offering a critique of social issues. Sometimes we’re more willing to think when we start out laughing first. We bet you can think of modern jesters who encourages you to think. Our Satire is a thought-provoking Yakima Valley red blend.

TruthTeller Winery Pun Bottle Preview
TruthTeller WineryPun

In our family, puns are truly serious fun. The challenge, if you’re up for it, is to have an entire conversation in puns. The first one to run out of clever puns loses!