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A brief history

Sleight of Hand Cellars was founded in 2007 by Trey Busch and Jerry and Sandy Solomon. Our only goal from the outset has been to make world class wines while having the most fun that is legally possible. Our love of great wines from around the world, and our love of music, have inspired our vision and growth and have helped us reach a customer base that has the same passions as we do.
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Established in 2007

1959 JB George Rd
United States, Washington


Meet The Team

  • Trey Busch

    Trey remembers his very first concert like if was yesterday (Helix, Keel, and Accept at the Omni in Atlanta in 1984 if you are wondering). His love of music, especially Pearl Jam, is one of the reasons he ended up in the Pacific NW. After moving to Seattle in 1992 and working for Nordstrom for 8 years, Trey was offered the chance to move his family to Walla Walla and get into the wine business with the Dunham Cellars family. Eric Dunham, the winemaker and owner of Dunham Cellars, gave Trey the foundation for his winemaking and philosophy. Trey fell in love with the winemaking process on the first day of crush in September of 2000, and that journey led him to Sleight of Hand Cellars.

    Trey is in charge of, and oversees, the winemaking, keeping his finger on the pulse of what is happening in the vineyards and cellar. He also shares the sales and marketing duties with Jerry, traveling to far-away places to spread the Sleight of Hand love around the country. Trey also is a world renowned Air Guitar player, and will often be found at a local karaoke bar belting out Tom Petty or Pearl Jam. He has two amazing daughters that he loves more than anything, and can't believe how lucky he is to have ended up in this business with Jerry and Sandy.

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  • Jerry Solomon

    Jerry Solomon, after 30 years as a real estate attorney, has transitioned into the role of winery owner and Director of Winemaking very easily! Even though he cut his teeth on Napa Cabernets, he has since seen the light, and it shines brightly on Washington State! Jerry is responsible for keeping the winery and winemaking ship upright and steered straight, and making sure Trey stays on task (he has ADD, what do you expect). He also uses his expert palate to direct all of our blending sessions. He and Trey jointly make all picking decisions in the vineyards and he is frequently seen checking on the vineyards, sorting fruit, working the tasting room, and even occasionally doing punch downs or stomping grapes. Jerry also shares duties working the market with Trey, spreading the SofH love around the country. He loves the Beatles AND the Stones (yes, you can love both), traveling around the world with his wife Sandy, and spending time with his 3 beautiful daughters and his 6 grandkids.

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  • Keith Johnson

    Keith came aboard in 2011, right after the opening of our tasting room on JB George and before our new winery building was complete. He is an invaluable member of our winemaking team, so much so that he is now considered an indentured servant and is never allowed to leave Sleight of Hand Cellars. Keith oversees the winery on a daily basis, and during harvest, while Trey and Jerry are in the vineyards making picking decisions, he is managing our harvest team, making sure everything is being taken care of in the cellar. He also spearheads the Devium label.

    One of the many things we love about Keith is that he truly believes in our winemaking philosophy. We have complete trust in Keith and the rest of our team in the cellar. Keith is also a terrible singer, and an even a worse dancer. But he DOES have good taste in music, so there is that...

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