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Prospice is the creation of two friends with a shared vision for wines and winemaking. Each changed course from a prior professional career, drawn to winemaking by the impulse to craft an artisanal product.

At Prospice our focus is on making balanced and elegant wines that celebrate the source fruit and the vineyard sites. We seek to roll back the clock on the modern trend toward riper, more extracted wines, preferring a lighter touch of oak and balanced extraction and alcohol. We embrace modern scientific research into fermentation and aging, and the use of chemical analyses to understand and guide the production of the best wines we can possibly make from that fruit, but minimize the use of overly manipulative additives or techniques. We use predominantly neutral oak barrels for aging, but employ a small number of new oak barrels — always of a carefully selected style and cooperage to complement the wine to be aged.

Throughout the process, the science, the analyses, the techniques, and the barrels are all ultimately in the service of the most subjective but most important tool we have: our palate. Ultimately, a wine is a small work of art in a bottle, and we seek to make each Prospice wine unique, expressive, and beautiful.
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145 E Curtis Avenue
Walla Walla, Washington, United States


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Prospice Wines Walla Walla Valley Merlot Bottle Preview
Prospice WinesWalla Walla Valley Merlot

There’s a very good reason that Merlot is one of the three varieties in rotation for the annual Celebrate Walla Walla weekend: Washington has some absolutely fantastic Merlot. Now, we know exactly what 83% of you are about to say, so we’ll pause while you get it out of your system… OK, feel better now? Well, it’s time to drink some %$&@ing Merlot, and see what you (and Miles) have been missing. Merlot can be powerful and elegant, silky smooth while still weighty. It brings vibrant red fruit and often an earthy note that presents almost like a cherry cola. Merlot is also particularly close to our hearts, as our first winemaking project as a team while we were students at the WWCC Enology & Viticulture program was a Merlot. We’ve lost count of how many people have told us that wine was one of their favorite wines ever — and if you’re lucky enough to have some 2014 College Cellars Golden Ridge Merlot tucked away in your cellar, it’s still a fantastic wine.