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A brief history

Pambrun wines are inspired from the rich history of the Walla Walla Valley starting when Pierre Pambrun settled in the area as the Chief Trading Officer of the Hudson’s Bay Company at Fort Nez Perce and became Walla Walla’s First Citizen. Today, his fourth great-grandson Jim Bernau, inspired by his family’s heritage, has set to grow and make elegant, terroir-driven wines from our estate and neighboring SeVein vineyards.

Our Pambrun Vineyard is planted alongside Walla Walla wine visionaries in SeVein. Located on the Oregon side of the Walla Walla Valley, SeVein is a collection of some of the highest quality vineyard land in the world anchored by the renowned Seven Hills Vineyard. We believe the unique microclimate of SeVein, with its rugged terroir, high elevation and both loess and fracture basalt soils, will produce some of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux varieties in the world.

Pambrun is committed to crafting elegant, terroir-driven wines from high-elevation hillside plantings in SeVein. We produce small lots of Bordeaux varietals including our signature Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chrysologue Red Blend.
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Established in 2016

20 North 2nd Street
United States, Washington

Meet The Team

  • Marc Leahy

    After studying and working in nine different winemaking regions in four countries, Winemaker Marc Leahy and his family settled in Walla Walla Valley. Marc has had the good fortune to work with hedonists, old-world craftsmen and craftswomen, academics and enological technicians, to shape his winemaking over the years and provide him with the depth and breadth of experience to create world-class wines. In his free time, Marc loves to cook and play his guitar for his two young daughters. For now, they think he plays great!

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