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Family owned and operated, Delmas is the realization of the Robertson's dream, 35+ years strong, to honor a distinctive place; a distinctive taste. Born of unique geology found within The Rocks District of Milton-Freewater, as well as the climatic eccentricities of the Walla Walla Valley, Delmas is dedicated to producing exceptional wines of enduring value. Elegance is preferred to power and exoticism at Delmas; restraint, nuance, and those impossible-to-define, (pleasurable), qualities that elevate all great wines.

The name “Delmas” comes from Mary Delmas Robertson’s side of the family. In a tradition dating back many generations, the French family name “Delmas” is passed from one daughter to the next as a middle name. This legacy lives on through Steve and Mary’s daughter, Brooke Delmas Robertson.

Brooke adds depth via her technical expertise and fresh perspective, having spent several years in Napa Valley gaining viticultural, winemaking, and development experience.
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SJR VINEYARD Importantly, our first investment was the vineyard. Given the financial commitment and time it takes to properly mature a vineyard, it is not common practice in the Northwest today to invest in an estate vineyard. However, this is fundamental to controlling wine quality. We invested further in the vineyard’s infrastructure and management in an effort to control all facets of quality throughout the winegrowing process. With a passion for making expressive wines that bring joy to the palate, we are keen to fully realize the potential for growing the highest quality wine grapes and birthing wines true to their place of origin. Established in 2007, SJR Vineyard is situated in The Rocks District on 13 acres within the Walla Walla Valley. We are committed to making single-vineyard, estate-controlled wines utilizing sustainable farming practices. We are obsessive about exploiting balanced soil conditions and native weather patterns to make wines that fully express their terroir and vintage. Our viticultural discipline is strong and addresses each block and variety independently – assessing appropriate training form, trellis structure, pruning rigor, nutrient and irrigation strategy. We know that the eventual capacity of the whole vine (and the resulting wine quality) is based on very careful attention to these details. SJR Vineyard sits on the western border of this Oregon AVA. The Rocks District is receiving international recognition for its wines, particularly Syrah. There is no denying the distinctive character of these wines. The Rocks District advantages of water availability, excellent drainage and favorable climate provide the basis for global distinction. Rocks District winegrapes from small, meticulously farmed, vineyard parcels have made their presence felt across the globe over the last couple of decades. Importantly, diversity prevails within The Rocks District, and provides a framework for charting future vineyard development—where hands-on work, close proximity to the land and a discernable independent spirit represent a unique winegrowing culture opportunity.