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A brief history

Welcome to our family. In our unwavering enthusiasm for the Walla Walla Valley, we created Bledsoe Family Winery – a sister project to Doubleback. We welcome and invite you to be a part of our family by enjoying the wines of Bledsoe Family Winery.
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Established in 2017

229 E. Main St
Walla Walla, Washington, United States


Bledsoe Family Winery Wines

Featured Wines

Bledsoe Family Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Bledsoe Family WineryCabernet Sauvignon

Bledsoe Family Winery Malbec Bottle Preview
Bledsoe Family WineryMalbec

I am so excited about our 2018 single vineyard Malbec coming from our own estate vineyard, Bob Healy.

Bledsoe Family Winery Viognier Bottle Preview
Bledsoe Family WineryViognier

Viognier has long been a favorite wine of mine—one of the very first wines I ever made when I was a teenager in Walla Walla. This wine was grown on our two estate vineyards, Lefore and Flying B, and is a first for Bledsoe Family Winery and only in a small amount!

Bledsoe Family Winery Healy Rosé Bottle Preview
Bledsoe Family WineryHealy Rosé

A fun but also serious wine. I can’t wait to release this and also celebrate the end of 2020 with something actually fantastic that came from it.

Bledsoe Family Winery JOI White Wine Bottle Preview
Bledsoe Family WineryJOI White Wine

"A brand new wine to our lineup that carries an enormously important meaning for our winery family. JOI was named after an incredible woman that was an integral part of our team and taken from us far too soon. I hope this wine exemplifies the pure joy that she brought to us and so many others that were blessed to have known her. Pineapple, guava, honeydew, and more tropical notes will brighten any day aromatically. This wine has tremendous energy, ripping acidity, and a cool creaminess that brings depth and balance. Hailing all from the Kenny Hill vineyard in Walla Walla, please welcome JOI!”

Bledsoe Family Winery Stolen Horse Bottle Preview
Bledsoe Family WineryStolen Horse

The original wine for Bledsoe Family Winery, Stolen Horse is a project that has consistently gotten better. The Walla Walla Valley is a very diverse growing region and in 2017 the final blend was from the two opposite ends of the Valley—combining the lush, ripe, distinctiveness of the Rocks District with the higher elevation, more feminine, fruit, and acid driven Mill Creek area.