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A brief history

We strive to create exceptional wines that are true to the terroir, varietal and vintage. Wines that have a sense of time and place, and are a product of our core values. Balboa Winery is located in the Walla Walla Valley, and our winemaking brings together the exceptional quality of our vineyards and our environment with the passion of our dedicated (and well-educated) team. We then seek to cultivate a wine-tasting experience that allows the customer to appreciate everything that went into these wines, and our dedication to creating them.
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4169 Peppers Bridge Rd
United States, Washington


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Balboa Winery Chardonnay Bottle Preview
Balboa WineryChardonnay

Balboa Winery Constrictor Bottle Preview
Balboa WineryConstrictor

Balboa Winery Red Wine Bottle Preview
Balboa WineryRed Wine

Balboa Winery Mith Bottle Preview
Balboa WineryMith

Balboa Winery Mourverdre Bottle Preview
Balboa WineryMourverdre

Balboa Winery Eidolon Bottle Preview
Balboa WineryEidolon