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The Walls is dedicated to producing wines that tell the story of their roots, showing the true place from which they come. We also understand the unique ability wine has to bring people together and nurturing those connections is integral to what we do.
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1015 W. Pine Street
Walla Walla, Washington, United States


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  • Todd Alexander


    Todd’s passion lies in crafting terroir-driven wines that showcase the unique characteristics of specific sites through uncompromising, meticulous work in both the vineyard and winery. Prior to his arrival in the Pacific Northwest, Todd was most recently Winemaker for acclaimed “cult” winery Bryant Family Vineyard in the Napa Valley. At Bryant, he worked closely with some of the very best and brightest in the wine industry, including legendary vineyard manager David Abreu and famous winemaking consultant Michel Rolland. In 2014, Todd came to the Pacific Northwest with the goal of applying his skills and talents toward pushing the envelope of winemaking in Washington and Oregon, to continue his endeavor of crafting truly world-class wines from estate vineyards.

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The Walls Ramparts Bottle Preview
The WallsRamparts

Ramparts are defensive walls built to protect something of great value. In this case, the walls are glass and the treasure Grenache. But even within such confines, and with such treasure, rules can be broken. This wine began in the 2013 vintage as a fun-time collaboration between Ali and grape grower pal, Damon, who wanted to experiment with Grenache. Their goal? Take beautiful fruit, break all the rules, and see what happens. The result? So good that Vikings would scale the ramparts of Paris for it.