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6 Wines from 6 Grape Varieties

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Smoky Rose Cellars Chardonnay Bottle Preview
Smoky Rose CellarsChardonnay

This Chardonnay from Cockburn Ranch, a new vineyard source for us, is smooth and velvety with rich notes of stone fruits and vanilla.'s 70% new French oak but the cooperage we used is so unique in the way it imparts oak flavors that everyone loves it!

Smoky Rose Cellars Grenache Bottle Preview
Smoky Rose CellarsGrenache

Due to the unexpected freeze in Walla Walla, we picked this a bit earlier than originally planned and as a result, we got a wonderfully classic Old World Grenache. With more pronounced notes of pepper and spice followed by bright red fruits, we love this wine with braised wild game or a mildly spicy Asian dish! Either way, it's a match made in wine heaven.

Smoky Rose Cellars Riesling Bottle Preview
Smoky Rose CellarsRiesling

We think this wine tastes like the holidays! Full flavors of warm, baked red apples with a touch of baking spice are prevalent but complimented by notes of lemon zest and minerality. Fairly medium-bodied for a white wine with a slight line of acidity that makes you long for another sip. Perfect for those fall get-togethers and holiday parties!

Smoky Rose Cellars Merlot Bottle Preview
Smoky Rose CellarsMerlot

Smoky Rose Cellars Syrah Bottle Preview
Smoky Rose CellarsSyrah

We loved the 2018 Syrah from Eritage Vineyard so we stuck with it in 2019. Eritage is a warmer site so the fruit can get really ripe. Josh is a big fan of a dark, brooding, reductive Syrah and as you know, we make what we like to drink! He also believes Syrah should be a monster....deep, dark, and meaty.

Smoky Rose Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Smoky Rose CellarsCabernet Sauvignon

From historic Windrow Vineyard, these are some of the oldest Cabernet grapes in Walla Walla Valley. Planted in 1980, Windrow has a rare combination of heat during the day followed by a cool breeze flowing out of the Blue Mountains in the evenings. This allows the grapes to grow later in the season, increasing maturity while retaining acidity. Windrow varies from deep deposits of windblown loess to shallow layers over gravelly cobble.