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At SMAK, we are fully committed to an exclusive Rosé production as we believe that Rosé is not limited to a summer-time wine. Rosé is as versatile to a winemaker as chicken to a chef, but often overlooked. By choosing a different variety and winemaking method, we can create a great range of Rosé and the possibilities of wines we can make are endless.

We want to drink Rosé all year round, just not the same Rosé! Each wine we created reflect the seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall/ Winter. Let us share with you the different facets of Rosé we have explored! Our tasting room changes with the seasons as well, creating fitting atmospheres for our wines.

SMAK will bring you the ultimate Rosé experience. It is more than just wine, it is setting a sense of place, a mindset, a lifestyle. After all, wine is supposed to be fun and enhance your happy moments. So don’t think and just drink. It’s Rosé!
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SMAK Wines Fall/Winter Rosé Bottle Preview
SMAK WinesFall/Winter Rosé

Winter can sometimes be dark and depressing. Some days you just want to snuggle up with a blanket in front of a TV. The SMAK Fall/ Winter Rosé is so perfect for that.

SMAK Wines Summer Rosé Bottle Preview
SMAK WinesSummer Rosé

In France, Beach and Rosé go hand in hand. The SMAK Summer Rosé is certain to remind you of that.