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A brief history

Chuck and Tracy Reininger founded REININGER Winery in 1997. The focus of the winery is on super-premium red wines for which the Walla Walla Valley has become famous. Through limited production and meticulous winemaking, Reininger Winery is able to maintain quality and craft award-winning wines year after year. Reininger is the first winery to expressly concentrate on Walla Walla Valley fruit.

REININGER Winery is located along Highway 12, just six miles west of downtown Walla Walla, in a beautiful new building that was constructed when the family decided to expand production and launch a second label, Helix, which was launched in December of 2004. This label is a tribute to their grandparents, whose wheat farm was sold to help finance the move to the new facility.

Since the first release in 1997, Reininger's wines have possessed a unique quality derived from Chuck Reininger's belief in gentle, patient vinification and assemblage of red varieties from Washington State's finest Walla Walla Valley vineyards. Chuck's intuitive winemaking summons the valley's maternal elements and flavors within the fruit, weaving them into an elegant and finely structured expression of the Walla Walla Valley that is the hallmark of Reininger wines.

5858 Old Highway 12
Walla Walla, Washington, United States


Meet The Winemakers

  • Charles P. Reininger


    A Bellevue, Washington native, Chuck and his wife Tracy Tucker founded Reininger Winery in Walla Walla in 1997. Prior to becoming a winemaker, Chuck worked as a professional mountain guide and climber. Chuck graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a B.A. in Business and Marketing. Chuck oversees winemaking for the wineries’ three brands: REININGER, CPR, and Helix.

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REININGER Winery Wines

Featured Wines

REININGER Winery REININGER Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
REININGER WineryREININGER Cabernet Sauvignon

We’ve been making Walla Walla Cabernet Sauvignon since our inaugural vintage in 1997. For our REININGER label, we commonly source Cabernet Sauvignon from Pepper Bridge, Seven Hills and XL Vineyards.

REININGER Winery REININGER BDX Red Wine Bottle Preview

When Chuck & Tracy Reininger established the winery in 1997 their vision was to be Bordeaux-centric. Although other wines like the REININGER Syrah and Cima have expanded our portfolio, Bordeaux is where we draw inspiration for most of our wines. Over the years, we’ve produced the occasional Bordeaux-style red blend, but BDX was the first to permanently enter our wine collection with the inaugural 2017 vintage. This wine is composed of varietals that are traditionally grown in the Bordeaux region of France and showcases the unique terroir of the Walla Walla Valley.

REININGER Winery CPR Reserve Chardonnay Bottle Preview
REININGER WineryCPR Reserve Chardonnay

CPR is our “open range”, “no boundary” hallmark brand intended for wines derived from limitless imagination and distinctive quality. As the winery looked for ways to expand the CPR wine collection, we looked to add small lot single vineyard sourced wines. Since the debut of CPR in 2014 we’ve released 6 single vineyard, single varietal wines of Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Carmenère and now Chardonnay. Our Chardonnay aspiration: nurture and preserve varietal character while introducing a fine, judicious layer of traditional French oak.

REININGER Winery REININGER Merlot Bottle Preview

Since the inaugural 1997 vintage, Chuck has gained great acclaim in his Walla Walla Valley Merlot. In fact one of his first vintages of Merlot (1999) scored 90 points from Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, and Wine & Spirits. As the years have gone by Chuck has scored 90 points or higher on over 12 vintages of Walla Walla Merlot, and has been included in “Top 20 Wines of Washington State” in Food & Wine (2003) and the “Top 50 Wines of 2014” in Seattle Times for the 2010 vintage.

REININGER Winery REININGER Sémillon Bottle Preview

Since 2010, we’ve been producing Sémillon from Birch Creek Vineyard in Walla Walla, one of the oldest vineyards dating back to 1997. The warmer temperatures at Birch Creek Vineyard allows the Sémillon to ripen sooner here compared to other Walla Walla vineyards. Typically bottled as a single varietal and always aged in stainless steel, our Sémillon has always been a summer favorite.

REININGER Winery REININGER Mr. Owls Red Bottle Preview

When the Reininger children were young, they had difficulty pronouncing the name of the man who began working in the winery’s cellar in 1999. The children would call him “Mr. Owl!” In 2002, Raul Morfin became our Assistant Winemaker and Chuck crafted the first Mr. Owl’s Red as a thank you to all of Raul’s hard work. It wasn’t until 2008 that REININGER released another Mr. Owl’s Red. Since 2008, Raul has taken his favorite grapes from each vintage to create a special blend. The 2018 vintage scored 92 points from James Suckling.