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24 Wines from 14 Grape Varieties

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Isenhower Cellars Vin Gris Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsVin Gris

The Vin Gris is Pinot Gris from Tudor Vineyard that's soaked on the skins for three days to extract color and flavor. The Vin Gris is a totally unique, dry, and flavorful Rose.

Isenhower Cellars Prima Rosa Barbera Rose Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsPrima Rosa Barbera Rose

Isenhower Cellars i-Label Viognier Bottle Preview
Isenhower Cellarsi-Label Viognier

Isenhower Cellars Prima Fuga Barbera Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsPrima Fuga Barbera

Isenhower Cellars Carousel Syrah Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsCarousel Syrah

Isenhower Cellars Walla Walla Valley Viognier Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsWalla Walla Valley Viognier

Lovely Viognier from a seven acre vineyard in the Walla Walla Valley. The Viognier is limpid yellow with a hint of green hue. The aromas are of tangerine, apricot, peach, creamy roasted marshmallow, and a verve from the Acacia puncheons. The flavors mirror the complex aromas with ntoes of tangerine, stone fruits, beautiful acidity, and the beguiling Acacia tension.

Isenhower Cellars Rara Avis Grenache Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsRara Avis Grenache

Rara Avis (rare bird in latin) is 95% Grenache and 5% Mourvedre from Olsen Ranch Vineyard.

Isenhower Cellars i-Label Malbec Bottle Preview
Isenhower Cellarsi-Label Malbec

Isenhower Cellars i-Label Cabernet Franc Bottle Preview
Isenhower Cellarsi-Label Cabernet Franc

Isenhower Cellars Wild Thyme Bordeaux Style Blend Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsWild Thyme Bordeaux Style Blend

The Wild Thyme is a Merlot majority Bordeaux style Red Blend from Wallula Vineyard.

Isenhower Cellars Roussanne Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsRoussanne

We make Roussanne because we like it, it is enjoyable with Asian cuisine, and there is already enough Chardonnay in the world! We made our first Roussanne in 2002 - back then it was very unusual. Over the years we have experimented with different vineyards and styles of winemaking.

Isenhower Cellars Last Straw Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsLast Straw

The 2018 Last Straw is 28% Cabernet Franc, 27% Malbec, 21% Syrah, 12% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Merlot, 1% Barbera. This wine is fresh, delicious and a real treat to drink.

Isenhower Cellars Jongleur Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsJongleur

100% Petit Verdot from Dionysus Vineyard. Petit Verdot is a relatively rare Bordeaux variety - the grapes tend to ripen late and have blistering acidity, and most wineries use Petit Verdot for blending. There are few 100% Petit Verdot wines because it takes a terrific vineyard to ripen the Petit Verdot properly.

Isenhower Cellars Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Roussanne Extra Brut Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsBlanc de Blanc Sparkling Roussanne Extra Brut

We love sparkling wines but have made a vow not to make a chardonnay (there is enough chardonnay in the world). Therefore, following our experimental bent, we started making a sparkling Roussanne in 2012 from Olsen Ranch Vineyard and have continued since. Tiny little bubbles make for a lovely mousse. The first aromas out of the glass include yeasty notes, lemon, tangerine, and mango rind with hints of toasted bread and creme brûlée. The mouthfeel is very fresh and fruity with just a touch of yeasty, creamy texture. Lots of tropical fruits do the samba with the lovely little buttles from the Méthode Champenoise. There is brilliant acidity and texture in the mid-palate.

Isenhower Cellars Road Less Traveled Cabernet Franc Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsRoad Less Traveled Cabernet Franc

The Road Less Traveled is 100% Cabernet Franc that has an increasing quantity of Clone 214 Franc which leans less herbal and more blue fruits and sea salt flavors. It pairs nicely with grilled pork chops, barbecue, turkey, and root vegetables.

Isenhower Cellars Wallula Vineyard Mourvedre Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsWallula Vineyard Mourvedre

100% Mourvèdre! We love to showcase this relatively rare Washington State grape especially when sourced from Wallula Vineyard which is one of the best sites for this unique grape.

Isenhower Cellars Wallula Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsWallula Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

In 2014 we asked Wallula Vineyard to plant 2.5 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon in the Goldilocks region of the vineyard: not too hot, not to cold, … 2017 is our first and limited bottling from our block.

Isenhower Cellars A Bloc Malbec Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsA Bloc Malbec

À Bloc is a cycling term that means "to go all out, even beyond the point of recovery" (do not forget the diacritical mark above the À, it sounds like "ahhh"). It is also a metaphor for the winemaking at Isenhower Cellars.

Isenhower Cellars Bachelor's Button Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsBachelor's Button

The Batchelor's Button Cabernet Sauvignon is a big, classically styled Walla Walla Cabernet but is fresh and light on its feet.

Isenhower Cellars Petit Verdot Port Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsPetit Verdot Port

We combined brandy made from our own Cabernet Sauvignon with the ripest Petit Verdot grapes from Dionysus Vineyard. The result is a 20th Anniversary Port that will be delicious for 20 years!

Isenhower Cellars Marsanne Bottle Preview
Isenhower CellarsMarsanne