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Gifford Hirlinger

8 Wines from 7 Grape Varieties

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Gifford Hirlinger Estate Pinot Gris Bottle Preview
Gifford HirlingerEstate Pinot Gris

Gifford Hirlinger Obligatory Syrah Bottle Preview
Gifford HirlingerObligatory Syrah

Gifford Hirlinger Stateline Red Bottle Preview
Gifford HirlingerStateline Red

This wine is all about the fruit, with clean and well-ripened cherry, raspberry, and a touch of cassis. The mouth follows with red fruits, notes of ripe plum, and baking spices rounding it all out. The tannins are young and firm, and the acidity keeps it fresh and clean.

Gifford Hirlinger Estate Merlot Bottle Preview
Gifford HirlingerEstate Merlot

This is a wonderful example of Merlot from Washington State. It begins with a nose of black cherry, blackberry, and licorice with hints of toasty oak. The mouth is a bold extension of the nose, with more ripe black fruits, dark plum and structured tannins that lead to a pleasantly lingering finish.

Gifford Hirlinger Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Gifford HirlingerEstate Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s a big, bold wine with a nose full of ripe red fruits, cassis, pipe tobacco, and dark chocolate. The mouth follows with a luscious, velvety smooth texture and a fantastic balance.

Gifford Hirlinger Estate Malbec Bottle Preview
Gifford HirlingerEstate Malbec

This 100% Malbec starts off with a nose full of blueberry along with spicy aromas of white pepper, nutmeg, and a hint of vanilla. The baking spices continue in the mouth, coupled with dense blueberry nectar and even a little chocolate. The acidity and supple tannins balance out the fruit making this a definite crowd pleaser!

Gifford Hirlinger Estate Tempranillo Bottle Preview
Gifford HirlingerEstate Tempranillo

This 100% Tempranillo opens with a nose composed of earthy components and smokey dark fruits. In the mouth the earthy, dusty elements persist, creating a wonderfully textural feel. The tannins are not shy in this one, delivering just the right amount of grip to make this a great wine to pair with rich pork belly dish!

Gifford Hirlinger Estate Petit Verdot Bottle Preview
Gifford HirlingerEstate Petit Verdot