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A brief history

Garrison Creek Cellars is a gravity flow winery located in Les Collines Vineyard, a 300-acre estate vineyard situated at the base of the Blue Mountains in the Walla Walla Valley of south-eastern Washington. The winery, owned by the Murr family, produces handcrafted wines of uncompromising character through conscientious nurturing from vine to bottle. Garrison Creek is committed to sustainable, innovative viticultural practices, small lot production, and traditional artisan winemaking. Each year the winery
produces fewer than 1000 cases solely from the family estate vineyard, Les Collines.

The well-known 1916 Winn Family barn in eastern Oregon provided the model for the exterior of the winery. For Michael Murr, this architectural nod to a farm building connects to the agricultural character of the area and reflects his personal commitment to a rural community that figured strongly in his
adolescent years when he drove pea combine and swather for the previous owners of the land on which the vineyard and winery now stand.

For visitors entering the winery with its tall barn doors and massive Douglas-fir beams arching cathedral-like sixty feet above the floor, the rustic charm soon gives way to the realization that they are in a high-tech modern winery.
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4153 Hood Road
Walla Walla, Washington, United States


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