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Five Star Cellars

7 Wines from 8 Grape Varieties

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Five Star Cellars Kynzie Bottle Preview
Five Star CellarsKynzie

Five Star Cellars Madi Bottle Preview
Five Star CellarsMadi

A burst of honeydew melon excites the nose. Fun notes of Lemonhead candy and the crispness of fresh fruits. A great clean straw in color Semillon. Tropical fruits and a focused palate hone in on the great balance this wine has. It is a very group-friendly white that can go with any social situation.

Five Star Cellars Syrah Bottle Preview
Five Star CellarsSyrah

Beautiful rose in color with a youthful fuchsia hue around the rim. Very lovely color, but quickly overshadowed by the aromas in this wine. Blackberry, red plum, and slight black cherry aromas are sprinkled throughout with hints of savory seasoning salts. The palate is equally as rich with the red fruits carrying through. With bold acid and tannins linking together to take the finish to the next level. A nice blend of old and new world in a bottle.

Five Star Cellars Malbec Bottle Preview
Five Star CellarsMalbec

Just look at that color! Deep, dark, and beautiful. Toasty aromas of baked berry pie, cinnamon, and fig newton. Flavors of plum and other tree fruits. Hints of black cherry and black currant. Very lively acid and savory oak tannins. This wine delivers as it always does.

Five Star Cellars Sangiovese Bottle Preview
Five Star CellarsSangiovese

A crimson color is the first feature showcased. Aromas of nutmeg, dark cherry, cinnamon, and potpourri. Bright acid dances on the tongue with flavors of raspberry and huckleberry. This wine is ready for that red sauce and whatever you are cooking in it.

Five Star Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Five Star CellarsCabernet Sauvignon

A gorgeous magenta captivates the eye. Dried floral notes of geranium and lavender with hints of white pepper and salt water taffy. This is a monster wine with rich tannins. Great flavours of blackberry pie, elderberry, and plum. Dark blue fruits make this a Cab drinkers Cab.

Five Star Cellars Stellar Bottle Preview
Five Star CellarsStellar