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Elephant Seven

11 Wines from 7 Grape Varieties

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Elephant Seven Side E Bottle Preview
Elephant SevenSide E

This wine comes from vineyards in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. Higher in elevation and with deep rich loess soils, excellent airflow and sun exposure these vineyards produce white wine Rhone varietals with great natural acidity, without being overripe or oily.

Elephant Seven Anita Syrah Bottle Preview
Elephant SevenAnita Syrah

Elephant Seven Syrah Bottle Preview
Elephant SevenSyrah

A fresh, almost Cru Beajolais-like Syrah from Walla Walla.

Elephant Seven Blue Mountain Vineyard Viognier Bottle Preview
Elephant SevenBlue Mountain Vineyard Viognier

This wine is intended to be enjoyed at the dinner table.

Elephant Seven Diwa Syrah Bottle Preview
Elephant SevenDiwa Syrah

Elephant Seven Cosmic Reflection Bottle Preview
Elephant SevenCosmic Reflection

This wine comes from vineyards in the “Rocks” area of Walla Walla. The soil is cobbly silt loam. The rocky bare soil absorbs solar energy and transmits it efficiently to the root zone of the vines promoting earlier onset of the phenological stages of the vine growth.

Elephant Seven River Rock Vineyard Syrah Bottle Preview
Elephant SevenRiver Rock Vineyard Syrah

This wine exudes the sense of place that is the cobblestones of Milton-Freewater.

Elephant Seven Yellow Bird Vineyard Syrah Bottle Preview
Elephant SevenYellow Bird Vineyard Syrah

This wine will age fantastically well, easily over ten years from release. If you have the patience, hold for at least 2 years from release. Decant prior to enjoying.