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After studying & working in 9 winemaking regions in 4 countries, winemaker Marc Dillon Leahy proudly shares wines of balance, intention & place with you.

These wines are shaped by my formative experiences working and studying in France, Spain and Portugal as well as all of my generous mentors in Washington & Napa. Having the good fortune to work with hedonists, old-world craftsmen & women, academics, and enological technicians provides me with the breadth of experience needed to forge an informed and unique winemaking perspective.

Wine constantly evolves and is endlessly complex. My role is to guide the development from vineyard to bottle. The key to artful winemaking is thoughtfully using modern tools and methods alongside the ancient techniques that honor the long tradition of hand-crafting wine. Skillful use of these principles shape a wine into the most complete and transparent expression of itself.
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596 Piper Avenue, Walla Walla
United States, Washington




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Dillon Cellars Erratic Merlot Bottle Preview
Dillon CellarsErratic Merlot

Erratics are boulders that differ from the surrounding rock. In Washington State, many erratics arrived, encased in ice, during the cataclysmic Missoula Floods (worth looking up). For this label, we hired an artist to draw an erratic boulder as our homage to the complex geological history and soils of Washington State.

Dillon Cellars Calyptra Chardonnay Bottle Preview
Dillon CellarsCalyptra Chardonnay

Dillon Cellars Reserve Chardonnay Bottle Preview
Dillon CellarsReserve Chardonnay

Dillon Cellars Wrought Syrah Bottle Preview
Dillon CellarsWrought Syrah

Wrought is a past form of the word “work”. This image of pruners comes from an old farming tool catalog. From the vine to the bottle, it takes hard work and diligence from many hands to create wines where the true expression shines through. This label pays tribute to the work involved in this craft.