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DAMA Wines, one of Washington State’s few woman-owned wineries, embodies the spirit of pioneering women who have inspired passion, creativity and positive change for centuries. Every bottle of our wine contains a classic, every label is a work of art. Our efforts and our wines are dedicated to all women who, like great wines and true works of art, meet the challenges ahead of them with fortitude and style.

We create alluring, approachable, and “dangerously beautiful” wines. We strive for wines that represent the wonderful grapes from the region and exhibit an energy, texture, clarity, and character that make them memorable and distinctive. What can you do? You can visit our comfortable tasting room, indulge in our award-winning wines, and spend some time with our friendly, knowledgeable staff.
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DAMA Wines Cowgirl Blanc Bottle Preview
DAMA WinesCowgirl Blanc

DAMA Wines DAMAnation GSM Bottle Preview
DAMA WinesDAMAnation GSM

DAMA Wines Cabernet Franc Bottle Preview
DAMA WinesCabernet Franc

The vineyard conditions in 2017 presented an opportunity to create a "Chinon Style" wine. Chinon located in the Loire Valley produces some of the finest lighter-bodied Cabernet Franc wines. With great minerality and black currant flavor profiles, this Cab Franc has characteristics of lavender fields, fraise de bois, balsamic and fresh herbs.

DAMA Wines GSM Bottle Preview

DAMA Wines Cab Franc Rose Bottle Preview
DAMA WinesCab Franc Rose

DAMA Wines Grenache Bottle Preview
DAMA WinesGrenache

This vintage shimmers with garnet color and offers the luscious tones of ripe strawberries. There is a delicate boldness of dark, jammy fruit held together by the wildness of thyme and tobacco leaves. This wine truly compliments the artwork of Manuel Oraze, an Italian Art Nouveau illustrator. His poster, "La Maison Moderne" represents the strength, elegance, and refinement of women, which we believe to be true of our Grenache, as well.