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6 Wines from 9 Grape Varieties

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Brook & Bull Cellars Malbec Bottle Preview
Brook & Bull CellarsMalbec

Brook & Bull Cellars Rosé Bottle Preview
Brook & Bull CellarsRosé

An exuberant rosé with bursts of peaches, melons, and lemon spritz. An explosion of strawberries and orange blossom finish with a hint of white pepper Just a touch of slate and baby powder round out this wine, trailing to a crisp, mouth watering finish. A party in a glass for a year that deserves it.

Brook & Bull Cellars Chardonnay Bottle Preview
Brook & Bull CellarsChardonnay

Brook & Bull Cellars Come Hell or High Water Bottle Preview
Brook & Bull CellarsCome Hell or High Water

More robust than previous vintages, this version hands us graphite and leather, campfire and strawberries, followed by raspberries, tobacco and burgers. The wine fits the label more than ever. It is WEST. Finishing with sage and lavender and the slightest hint of apricot and melon. Lush tannins match mouthwatering acidity for a stunning specimen of a wine.

Brook & Bull Cellars The Silent Ode Bottle Preview
Brook & Bull CellarsThe Silent Ode

Brook & Bull Cellars Walla Walla Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Brook & Bull CellarsWalla Walla Cabernet Sauvignon

Ripe raspberries and leather and campfire head into grilled meat and ancho chili, sagebrush, finishing with a touch of swiss miss chocolate and black cherries. Lush tannins lead the structure on this velvety cabernet sauvignon.