A masterclass of finesse and elegance, the 2017 Grenache la Paciencia Vineyard explodes with seductive floral tones that immediately capture your attention. Brilliantly defined dark cherry notions with aromas of rose hip and black spice tones sashay out of the glass. Nuances of dusty leather and wild strawberry float on top of the glass with red floral bouquet aromas… this pure, medium-bodied wine is chock-full of flavor, bursting at the seams with a subtle smoky tone that perfectly frames the ripe red fruit.


The palate is balanced with a velvety mouthfeel and energizing acidity to age for more than a decade. It displays expertly managed tannins and spiced red fruit that continues to unpack and evolve with mind-blowing complexity. The long-lived finish has a mineral tension and offers up notions of wild strawberry, dark cherry skin, newly opened peonies, and luxurious and elegant black spice tones…