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Gino Cuneo Cellars

A brief history

g. Cuneo Cellars is dedicated exclusively to the cultivation of classic Italian varietals grown in the unique soils of Eastern Washington. As our starting point, we have chosen to respect the best Italian viticultural practices that are specific to the varietal. We believe this path gives us the best chance to achieve a truly great Washington expression of the noblest Italian Varietals. Using viticulture techniques perfected for Nebbiolo and Barbera in Piemonte, Sangiovese in Toscana, and practicing the ancient Appassimento process of grape drying developed in the Veneto; we preserve the time honored traditions used to grow and make these wines. By close attention to the Italian manner of growing these varietals, practicing their best methods of winemaking, and merging it with the depth of fruit that Eastern Washington delivers; we feel we are on an exciting new path. We invite you to share in our journey of exploration.
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2 East Rose St.
United States, Washington