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Bunchgrass Winery

A brief history

This is a must visit winery with extremely limited hours of operation. Visit Friday and Saturday from April until December or by appointment year-round. Established in 1997, Bunchgrass winery is the 11th winery in the Walla Walla Valley, and continues to produce small quantities of some of the region's best wines. The winery and tasting room are housed in a modest cinder-block building that once served as the farm's dairy. Enjoy the bucolic setting and outstanding hospitality of this award winning and critically acclaimed small family owned winery. continuation of the growth that began on the vine. With the utmost respect for gentle, traditional methods and a tip of the cap to modern technologies, we take to heart our role of caretaker. The end result is an elegant, balanced wine whose natural expression shows through, for both immediate and future enjoyment.
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151 Bunchgrass Lane
United States, Washington